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Gone fishing then to England and sc

Last rose



Big Mountain AZ. Navajo- Dene

*Diné, not Dene.
I’m sure that was an honest mistake, however just a friendly reminder that they are two completely different nations.

Thanks I have to admit I have been making that error now for years
No one has pointed it out. I thank you. I was able to visit AZ and the big mountain area years ago. I was once a photojournalist. I was always evolved with environmental issues and often found myself with people most closely affected by environmental impacts. Thanks kirk

waiting for jazz

42nd and 8th

NYU Cervantes statue

nice pants

Washington Sq. South, NY, NY

Film Forum NYC

Hudson St NYC

Chelsea Mansion

Chelsea Mansion 

In my spit again

Long Beach, NY 9-2-2014 westend

ROCK HALL  18th century house in it’s original condition Lawrence NY

NY Historical Society. Alex Hamlton